Tournament Sponsors

The support of Sponsors for The Fitz make this tournament possible. We thank all the people and organizations like you that enable the tournament to be able to put on a quality event for our teams and give back to our charities. Below is a list of individuals and organizations that are currently supporting or previously have supported The Fitz with their generous donations. If you would like to be a sponsor for this years tourney or just want to make a donation please contact Cajer Neely at 509-202-3458.

Northern Quest Resort and Casino
Washington Trust Bank
Ron and Terri Caferro
John Hemmingson
Bobby Brett
Payne Financial
Bill Wrigglesworth
Craig Clifford
Cajer Neely
Gerry Bulger
Kimmel Athletics
Kelly Risse  Physical Therapist
DA Davidson
Dermatology Specialists of Spokane
Zak Design
Bob Robideaux
TW Telecom
Geoff and Anna Goss
Jeff and Loriann Brown
Greg and Linda Heinrichs
Inland Empire Toyota Group
David Coombs
Rusty Moose Restaurant
Dan Lowen
Tom Hammer
Kiemle and Hagood
Orlin Reinbold
Ned Rumpeltes
Steve Baker
Workland and Witherspoon
Jeff Condil Jack & Dans
Damon Orthodontics
Avista Utilities
Dr. Creigh House MD
Davenport Hotel
Nick and Jim Warrick
Spokane Sports Commission
Lee Gibbon, Rocky Rococo
Darleen Fitzgerald
Dan Harbaugh
Jim and Pauline Bresnahan
John Nemeth
Steve Gera
CAD of Spokane
Jim Fitzgerald
Kelly Fitzgerald
Gary Bloom
Gary Randall
Duane Swinton
Don and Deanna Monson
Craig and Cathy Parks
Don Sheridan
Pete Forsyth and Kathryn Genteman
Glen and Cory Alfaro
Mike Maghan
William Pooley
John Pon
Robert Baumann
Mike Craigen
Tom Cochran
Bud and Di Nameck
Fusion Finance, Cory Ross
Beverly and Jud Heathcote
Lawton Printing
Tony Higley
JR Helicopters
Mark Casey
Mike Currin
Dale Soden
Tom Kendall
Virgil Emery
Alex Herreid
Jarrod and Jayne Davis
Jamie and Ahnna Dudley
Rusty Lynd
Marty and Kristen Wall
Matt and Stephanie Stanford
Dan and Kim Cronen
Drew Daniels
Garco Construction
Ryan Mullarkey
Spokesman Review
Sterling Bank
Mike Winger
Frito Lay of Spokane
Seven Up/Dr. Pepper of Spokane
Keith Currie Photography
Moloney and O’Neill Insurance
Todd and Stephanie Woodhead
Nicholas Gray